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Welcome to Premise Cable Systems! We are San Antonio’s leading independent structured cabling contractor, handling every type of network cabling configuration for your office, building, or corporate campus. We’ve been helping businesses – large and small – upgrade and expand their critical business networks since 1998.

Our trained and BICSI® certified technicians specialize in installing, terminating and certifying CAT5, CAT6, ethernet, twisted pair, telephone distribution cable (up to 2400-pair), 100baseSX, UTP, STP, coaxial, fiber optic, gigabit ethernet, hard-wired LANs, and other types of structured cabling systems that your business needs.  

We’re experienced installing cabling in hospitals and medical facilities, military bases, schools, construction sites, business offices, hotels, call centers, law firms, restaurants & bakeries.  We have supplied and installed cabling in manholes, aerial sites, wireless access points (WAPs), and for security access control and paging systems. We also perform trenching and underground conduit and cable placement.

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